Family Dental Care


Its widely recognised the importance that the formative years can have on lifelong dental care which is why we aim to make a child's dental experience a positive one.

A child's first visit

The General Dental Council's guidelines indicate that a child's first dental visit should take place during 'early infancy'.This is obviously subjective and differs for each individual but is usually around the age of 12-24 months.

Why early dental visits are important

Early dental visits are important as they lay the foundation for the future. Even if a child is reluctant to sit and have their teeth looked at,they can learn a lot by getting used to the room and environment and watching older siblings having their teeth checked. We can also use this time to give parents/guardians valuable preventative advice on tooth brushing and diet.

When will a child's first teeth appear?

The first baby teeth usually begin to erupt at approximately 6-8 months from birth with all baby teeth then being present by the age of 32 months.

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Expectant Mums

Many changes take place during pregnancy and it's important not to neglect your teeth & gums. By following some simple steps you can ensure that your teeth & gums remain healthy both during and after pregnancy.

Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can cause gums to become more susceptible to the bacteria present in dental plaque. These bacteria irritate the gums and cause inflammation and bleeding .So it is particularly important to ensure that your oral hygiene is immaculate to prevent bleeding gums. This you can do by brushing twice a day and by flossing and using interdental brushes as well.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Cravings for sugary foods during pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay.

Morning sickness causes acidic stomach contents to come into contact with your teeth. Long term exposure to acid causes tooth enamel to dissolve and this is potentially harmful to your teeth. If you suffer from morning sickness wait for approximately an hour before brushing your teeth to avoid acidic saliva being brushed directly into your teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly for regular oral health checks and for your teeth to be professionally cleaned.